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  • Peter R. Gomez

    Thank you DeepHow Team for this! This certainly helps us keep things focused on our specific Factory, while still be able to view other Factory content.

  • Audrey Van de Castle

    Unfortunately this update does not work well for us at SBD. It doesn't offer the grnaularity that we would like, and actually creates a larger administrative burden on our user base. Additionally, it removed highly useful features like favorite workspaces, and easy searchability / navigation between workspaces in both Nav and Editor. Looking forward to some quick follow up updates so that we can get some efficiency back in how we use the platform. 

  • Andrea Zamparini

    Audrey Van de Castle -We sincerely appreciate your valuable feedback. We are diligently working on implementing further improvements and updates to enhance our users' experience. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.


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